Friday, July 11, 2008

sunlight refracted through a layer of cerulean water its haze comforting and warm the caress of the waves upon your skin a peaceful gateway forms in the rays as you rest in your soul's favored escape


aquamarine the color of me it flows about a fish in the water it disappears such peace aquamarine when you know you are completely comfortable you know you are free
on this starlit summer night I'm struck with one beautiful sight her body soft touchable supple the skin creamy a perfect white her hair the beach and sand gently flowing in this ocean breeze, she was serene standing bare a glazed stare all her hope lying in that wishing star as my love grew in her fleeting glow
it can make a life just take the heart you have of him spread her everywhere once the subject sees the vessel they know you love

Thursday, July 10, 2008

specks of black upon pure white my life on this world a pinch of sin on an altar purest faith
they're golden leaves turned gray by mans device not to be used but to stand as relics of the past once conquered
I'm a brilliant red; fascinating really. You see her? a vibrant yellow I'd say. And him, a deep purple. But us together, you and me, we make music as our lives collide. In stunning color our love makes light; chemistry is visible and the passion palpable. I want you and you want me. Let our bodies entwine upon this night.
slender in her five-six frame she sits under nights eve in July her eyes are open wide in pure wonder as in awe she watches light explode in the sky those magic lights hold no affect on me it is her smile that makes me cry
it's not about her hair although I could stare at those golden locks as they land land softly on her bare shoulders it's not about her lips even if I want them on my skin or about her breasts supple as they may be it's about her energy I want to exist within in her as one I'll feed on her everything
The last thing before I turn out this light. I let it be you tonight. For one more fleeting moment I steal just another furtive glance, but if I don't stop this moment I'll be intoxicated by your air. The way your hair falls so perfectly: a wave embracing your ears. The heave of your chest as you deeply breathe. You want to gulp down life in one breath. You are fire. You are alive. When you sleep the fire dwindles enough for me to step a little closer. Just a flick and I'll miss you for the night. Sweet dreams my light.
let your body sing from my heart to yours take in my air let these lungs expand yours and as one we will praise a shout of anything we crave
what makes a woman beautiful a mother asked a son he looked at her wisdom in his face their eyes betray their souls
energy the energy that is life the energy that moves and soothes creates and plays some day the energy that will love and grow into a child or snow- yes snow I do believe I could be snow a unique flake of crystallized water H2O in a present self-sacrificing form a father giving his everything to his son

"It isn't just the form"

such passion filled those life bright eyes a fire burned a crushing stare "It isn't just the form that matters." the buildings we past were blandest gray I found myself learning on that day "People there in their relations give all glory necessary. When their hearts are filled with Love beauty lies in every one."
let emotion fall like rain on the tin roof a pitter patter of myself slowly but surely filling our hearts minds the world may just catch a taste before I evaporate
i need a connection; i need a friend - someone to share with someone to care with to cry with die with? I need that connection because I can't be alone. I can't live in a void. will you fill my darkness teach me of the moon?
deep brown eyes in a darkened room greedily grabbing at the smallest speck of light strikingly beautiful as they stare at the wall soaking in what no one else is aware as the light sparkles on his face the teardrop hits his lovers embrace
i don't need to cry don't need that swell in my eyes the pool that wells and drips over the tears slowly forming and dropping off the streaks and red cheeks so don't push me, okay? I can't add another drop or I don't know when it'll stop
this heart of mine doesn't need to cry these eyes don't need the tears these cheeks don't need the drops these lips don't need the salt these pages don't need the water I'll be stronger
she sits there-so puckishly her smile shows you joy radiates from deep within the soul that sparkles see those blue eyes when they laugh your heart flutters-time to play what's that you say? "Sounds like the perfect friend." it's true


how do I describe it? a sense a feeling a need giving me to some other dream what is it that requires me?
WHO AM I? what am I? what am i doing? what am I thinking? what am I writing? what the hell are you reading?
If I don't I become pent up with energy- light up my love as our bodies exchange heat in this last romance just like a star your death is an explosion I won't ignore our touch heat flashing across the sky turmoil brings forth life your hair everywhere makes me rage for more
a song serenely sings his soul out to the world to him betrayed his fingers deftly play his heart the keys strike eerily the ring in my ear, as his ghostly figure hovers about this piano the boy hides form his past shadow