Tuesday, June 9, 2009

when our two hearts closely pound

but I warn you I'm crazy
actually, I am
like one minute happy
the next minute sad
like one second there
and the next nowhere
cuz my life is a coaster
but I'll try to stall still
I'll try to stay solid
and hold to the ground
but I warn you I'm flying
and to me, the ground can't be found
and what if I tell you that
all that is only normal
that I cry alone in my darkened room
when my life is free of all possible gloom
and I run after midnight
because suddenly I'm blue
maybe, just maybe, I'm perfect for you
maybe, just maybe,
life wasn't meant to be normal
and crazy is true
maybe love's perfect
and it's the only ground around

Monday, June 8, 2009

twenty-seven friends of three-hundred and twenty-two
each with their own set of dreams and fears
unforgetable memories and regrets too
and yet of all of them
not even one
cares to say my name

Sunday, June 7, 2009

something to cure this melancholy mood but what to do i haven't a clue a dance under the waning moonlight? at least there should be but I don't see any or a tear-jerking movie to forget my worries perhaps a singing number-quite cheery and gay no i don't believe any would serve to allay the fears that i have that i'll never be okay now don't be so serious it isn't as if i'm going to off myself i haven't dreamt of that in years but i'll never be rid of this feeling at least i haven't found my peaceful bliss not yet...