Thursday, May 21, 2009


hmph. I ain't gonna be no scout not in any sense of this word i'm not going to precede the army and i'm not going to sit around the campfire i'm not scouting anything for you unless it is to scout your heart and find humanity alive and well

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


language is a language connecting me to you and everything in between if I can inhabit your words make them my body's poem I can touch your mind and maybe find a passage to my soul

sunlit wanderings

words come in vivacious play, the tinkerings of sunlit wanderings. my mind connects to yours in the center of sun's glowing dust- motes! with music notes! if this life wasn't a dance I wouldn't know where to go
my internal vent comes with a valve and its key is turning on the spell of water whisper's murmur, murmur the splash of which creates a pool and in its cerulean serenity you'll find my heart in turbulent sound
poems live where life is and yet I have no life living quietly in this sin. So what am I to do? give up me to become you? just so I can have these damn words to write on this forsaken forgotten paper? do you believe me to be that shallow as if I am the waters we are wading in


word up literally this word is about satellites and sad old nights sad because they're ending this time we have to spend together under starlit skies and summer sighs staring at satellites and sparkled skies with the moon orbiting and our minds racing just one touch sends out that tingle and just one look is forever my memory