Thursday, July 8, 2010


is what we're searching for
some thing to describe
who we are
what we are
how we're special.

But, something is a throwaway word
the word we use to describe the shit we don't care about.

Still, something is something special too;
it's all we have to describe the unknown:
what love is
how to find yourself
feeling alive.

Something is something confusing,
and all I need right now:
something to hold onto.

untitled 2 7-7-10

What doesn't happen doesn't matter
nor does what we want necessarily count.

Our lives are not meant for regret.

I'm here to say let this moment pass.
Let this feeling of worthlessness and rejection
be something of the past.
Let the moment pass.

But heed this warning:
do not let them restrict your desire.

Please, want. Dream big.
Let your heart soar
like the kites we used to fly
when dreams were reality.

I want to write.
So, for today I'm a writer.

I'll not let you take that from me.
I'm creating my destiny.

untitled 1 7-7-10

sometimes you knock
but no one comes out

sometimes you think up a poem
but have no pen to write it down

sometimes you think you're strong
but get knocked down

sometimes you think you're smart
but get showed up

sometimes you wonder why
and you wanna cry

but don't waste tears.
sometimes life sucks
but you've gotta try

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

untitled 7-6-10

I'm so close to happy

I can feel it rolling as a wave in my mouth,
building in power like the anticipation
you feel as you bite your lip before you say the word


Fuck you
is what I say to all the people who don't believe.

Believe in me!

because I am going to be...
for just being is worth
some thing.

Now, I'm not sure what that thing is yet,
like I'm not sure exactly who I am,
but I know this:

life is worth living
as long as your heart is still beating.