Thursday, September 2, 2010

it's like I don't exist

when you don't talk to me
for what feels like
weeks, as if I suddenly
matter only in my dreams.

you haunt me the way
sharks circle shores,
the way a mailbox feels

empty- the feeling that I
feel as I fill this sheet.
empty save the coals

smoldering like words on a page.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

untitled 8-30

"I want to believe... that a song
drifting on invisible waves still exists somewhere." Betsy Sholl

I want to believe you exist.

Riding woe the same way I do,

you're catching waves until we meet.

You're holding secrets that make blood-red sleeves

the way I'm holding secrets in my pockets.

You're catching eyes that drift right by,

but you've never found a fit.

Because you want to dance on moonlit shores

twinkling your stars with the beat.

Because your heart is pulling with the tides

the way mine pulls just for yours.

Because right now you do exist somewhere

sitting lonely on a pier.

And I want to meet you and be the

musical whisper in your ear.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


for Mike
blue butterflies over gray hills
make me think that life is worth the climb.

We are not so lucky to soar.
We climb, some steeper than others,
up cliffs of broken hearts and dreams.
We belay over piles of promises
and take rests at indifference's peaks.

You're like a piton,
holding me up.

You're like the clear view
after a stint in depression's valley.

You're a friend,
someone with a clear mind.

You're a song telling me,
"Everything is alright."

And I believe you.
I believe in you.

after every talk I'm calm.
Like, you're a catharsis.
Like I reach a peak in the plot
diagram of my life and you make a resolution.

Somehow I'm fine.

I wanted to tell you:
thank you.

Everything is alright.