Saturday, February 14, 2009

point plie stretch through first to second explode opposition hips pause one down up slide can i just dance if i feel it it will look best
stand i never seem to stand the other day i jumped seven feet in the air but normally i sink right into the earth ya know that bluesy feel i stick well to it because my feelings are shallow not in that connotative sense but in that every thought is close to the surface of my skin if you but pricked me you could see everything within
i'm not sure what i'm feeling but i'm sure i'm not liking days worth of feelings without ever once writing how i'm stressed by it all and i just wanna call but i can't find the time when the bars are unfound and i didn't want to cry before a strangers eyes but that's why we're friends isn't it my brotha man? and i didn't mean to hurt the nicest little guy but it isn't easy to do what your heart tells you to maybe i'm just confused maybe i'm melancholy maybe i'm stupid and maybe i'm worthless maybe i'm used for words i can't remember and maybe i dance but never had a chance maybe i'm crazy maybe i'm blue right now i'm in darkness just thinking of you

Sunday, February 8, 2009

our torn and scattered lives are like the affairs we never meant to hide and the parties with their wild youth are past us in our forlorn stoop is that why i feel so lost i wish i had that youthful hope to find a purpose someday