Friday, January 9, 2009

oh you're boring like this bland food too dry to eat alone and too rich with more more of this and more of that do you really need the grapes wine and whine all you want in the end you're just dessert i'm the main course of course
you're my television need i say it? while i sit here in my room you're out basking in the moon with that bright red cup and an affinity for hook-ups as you recount your fun i wonder like it's like to run be the program and not the viewer it's more fun when you do her
yes you're night the very essence of fright you bite into me like dreams gone sailing and when i fight back your current sends me flailing i'll not drown this time the stars are burning


finite over? forever? she smiled and I waved the door closed and I cried just one tear for golden locks and the red door that ended it all


do it now i mean to say don't wait i'm tired of waiting i'm tried of relying on everyone else to make myself happy today i'm leaving today i'm going today i'm doing whatever I need to be strong it's in this now and at this moment life is here for the taking that's all i'm saying

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


wealth money? no... wealth is more than that wealth is more than this wealth means i'm happy because i have not gold but love bask in the glory of something good pure and wealth wealth follows angel tears

Monday, January 5, 2009


meant meant home is where the heart is i was meant for you and in the place where i know i was meant to succeed my heart is in the two my body cleaves in dread what meaning is this meaningful division i must seek?
at each years end we drink to celebrate this year I dream to drown lets party hardy forget restraint