Monday, November 9, 2009

Grand Tianguis

it was cold outside.
The type of cold
that three layers of protection
couldn't prevent.

We emptied boxes
until the empty
ones spanned the
fifteen feet of stairs.

Useless in ability to oraganize
I was ostracized
to network a computer alone.

Andres wore a blue North Face.
While he sat with me,
ability couldn't compare
to need for connection.


Daddy won't be happy.
30,000 dollars
for that school,
30,000 I pay.

We both know
he doesn't pay.

The loans pay.
It's borrowed money
for a rented life.

I'll be in an office soon
wishing to be back
in collegiate life.

Weights crash at my feet.
Who cares about a C
in four years of glee?

the drive home

billows of mist
from the semi-truck fly
into the windshield
while I drive.

the clouds are etchings
in a baby-blue sky.
that one is a wisp,
a floating butterfly.


an orange candle
but incrementally more red.
The shaving's of which
remind us life has been had
here in this room
in which we reside.
Moreso, in ourselves,
the hearts that have known.


there he is sitting
there in the curve
of his school desk chair.
gray as the shade
of his AE sweater,
my hands want
to have all he has.
more, I want to feel
everything he is.