Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm a mess

I'm unraveling,
waiting as I come undone.
The thread of me came loose with you
and now I'm shredded through.

I once was strong,
a heart in hand
and ready to be thrown.

Now I'm scared.
I lost my heart.
And when it was found,
I clutched it close for
no one else to hold.

It's not for her,
or even you.
Because, I'm a mess.
I've come undone.

How's Life?

the music hums
and my feet beat
there's nothing to be done.

I'm alone
and in my room
the magic's here to be found.

I move
and tears fall-
from sad to happy let them come,

because my heart tears from my chest
when I think of you.
But, there's nothing to be done.
I'm alone, waiting to be found.
Let whoever come.