Friday, August 8, 2008

i should try for sleep the state in which you find your dreams and during which you can create any wish you desire to live if i do try for sleep i would discover nothing new but in my dreams i might relive the feelings i feel for you
I woke up to the sound of rain Its cry never ceases to amaze In its drumming I lose my pain Like the opaque sheets create a haze Of course the faze can't fully drain The well of angst found within this craze As my feelings turn to downpour and the signs point to lightning I find myself seeking rainbows in my need to leave God's grace

love or hate?

if you love me tear me down with such force i break the ground if you love me throw me out leave me lonely by myself if you love me cuss a storm with such rage you make me cry if you love me trash my name leave me friendless with your vice and if you hate me you'll never call to tell me it was all because you love do you love me do you hate me *both*
like hearts we once betrothed you took his but didn't leave your own did you think if you walked out one summer night the world wouldn't notice you took flight?
the streets are wet with rain the scent of which sizzles my sinuses i walk slowly as cars pass i watch their shine in reflective pavement reds and white mix with green stoplights the air ruffles my hair and i feel alive
i let the sounds fill me i let the wall amuse me i let the thoughts come to me i let the pen write me i let emotion shake me i feel my mind awake me
she learned to cry the day lightning lit the sky each flash displayed her outline each crash filled her lungs and if she would have let me see each tear would have earned a kiss
i lived with giving in i have lived unseen i have lived unliving now the song within will not give in


I love to let things flow let the water droplets collide form rives and streams or clouds in the sky in mist or light I want the world see my heartbeat