Tuesday, June 1, 2010


She looked beautiful, free, standing on the bench. The breeze tangled her brown curls and the sun burst into a smile on her face. The open plain was almost a challenge for her grace.

"When I was younger, I used to think that if I stood on a chair and thought hard enough I would fly away," she told me.

I smiled, watching her from her blanket in the long grass. It was warm out, and she had on a white polka-dotted red dress. I had on a yellow and white button down. We were on a picnic.

The bench was part of a table, one of those stereotypical wooden ones. It looked odd there, in the field, with nothing but grass for miles in any direction. I asked her how she knew about this place.

"I used to come here sometimes. When I got older I stopped thinking I could fly, but I still liked the idea of it, and I love the wind in my face. So, I would come here, on summer days like this, and fly my kite and think about what it's like to be up so high."

She turned to face me then, and I caught my breath in the silhouette of her head. I waved her over, and held her hand.


I still think we can fly, but I don't want to be the kite. They fly high, but they are always one string away from being free. I want to soar unfettered, unchained, emancipated. Come soar with me?

He Puts Pen To Paper

Resolved: That the consumption of alcohol by minors leads to inappropriate actions.

Contingent 1:
Last night.
I went over to his place, where the drinks were already made.
He was waiting for me.
I believe vodka has an adverse taste.

Contingent 2:
We took a shot of what could have been nail polish remover-
I hear they're practically the same-
and chased it with more of the same.
Production was sidelined for video games.

Contingent 3:
After orange juice and pink lemonade,
I certainly was open to anything.
Meaning, I believe I professed my love to him.

But! there are things to be said to the contrary.

The drinks, though bad,
gave openness to our conversation.

For a holiday, what could be more productive,
more American, than to drink and play?

At least now he knows I love him,
and that is certainly something.

And although I drink to get drunk.
And although I hate the taste.
And although they had more fun,
in the spray of a sprinkler chase.
There is something worthwhile in being close.
There is something of note to note.
That although we make some mistakes,
acknowledging our loves was not one last night.