Saturday, June 6, 2009

piano keys

like favorite piano keys-
untuned but pretty,
little hammers prick and play
at my metaphorical strings.
perhaps I'll still be able to
create a decent melody,
or maybe I'm just tragedy.
my only certainty is
that my fingers like the feel
of ivory keys

Monday, June 1, 2009


As the sun sets over the cliche horizon
my fingers desperately grasp at the loss
of another of summer's fleeting days.
I've succeeded in failure; typical of my absent attainments.
Yes, I have done nothing with myself.
Why should you be surprised?
It's not like many do...
Patrick Miranda
clamors greedily at possessions
to realize no necessity
when i live with nothing but
contempt in my arms
I'll find glory
in your loving grace
if I
make my eyes windows
show my heart upon my sleeve
let the world see
that there's love free
for anyone but me
I will;I'll see