Wednesday, May 26, 2010


They ask me,
what is it like to be crazy?

I'm sorry,
you must have mistaken me,
because I'm not crazy.

Yes, sometimes I can be manic.
Oh yes, I've panicked.

But crazy,
not yet,
not me.

You must be crazy.
Do you feel me?
I feel freely.

So when the drums beat,
so, too, does my heart beat.
And when the babies cry,
so do my eyes cry.

So, yes,
when I walk down the street
I feel depressed if I see a friend reduced to begs,
and I feel alive when I see children playing and singing.

And yes,
sometimes I cry
when the world moves too fast.

And yes,
when the moonbeams
dance so perfectly on my chest,
I feel bold.

If that's crazy,
then I am crazy.

But, tell me, who's crazy-
The one with or without
the audacity to live?