Wednesday, August 20, 2008

you pushed me to poetry what does that mean? that I'm crazy and you're mean that guitars have strings and pianos need hammers what happens when we go digital and hammers can't play broken strings?
hands shadowed breach soft lights hearts shallow beat long nights tears dropping scream decibels silent insurance not answerable
I'm purple but I'm red I'm yellow cuz I'm scared I need green for healing I lack white assured hope I see black displayed hurt i dream fantasies i'm real
i can't do this i have to do this i love you but not like that well, sometimes i just want to be glad i made it i want to have made it made it with you we're separated i'm glad i made it seperated 11:11 means i wish for love nerves prove life needs more than bohemia
jump into water into life without clothes on into sight lets be wild lets be young lets be free while time is ours one summer night we spend together these hearts don't care we leave forever