Sometimes I think I'm a poet, and during those times I like to write.

I call the blog my exercise in creativity because it is the result of attempts at poetry (for things outside of poetry visit , nothing ever seems to be complete. The phrase itself comes from a retreat called Kairos. Throughout Kairos, different speakers give talks on aspects of life and living. One of the first talks contained what the speaker called an exercise in creativity. The phrase stuck with me, and I haven't been able to escape the thought of exercising my creativity.

You'll also find different categories on the blog. Each category is an explanation of sorts of the poems it is assigned to.
  • depression induced-All of the poems found in that category were written in a bought of depression induced sadness.
  • defiant-These poems are me telling it the way it is =P. No, they are mainly me arguing against some constraint I feel exists.
  • description- Description poems are very simply descriptions of something.
  • fantasy-Poems in this category are generally fictional. They involve ideas of actual events, but probably never took place.
  • friends-Poems about friends, involving friends, or directed toward friends.
  • misc-These are the miscellaneous poems. They don't belong anywhere else!
  • not poetry-You guessed it, these are not poems. Not poetry includes things like blog updates, my ramblings, and prose pieces.
  • oneword-These poems are results the website Try it out
  • on living-I guess poems in the on living category give my thoughts on life. Sometimes they are advice and sometimes they are not.
  • on me-Most poems in the on me category will be a critique of myself.
  • reflection-Reflection poems are usually reflections on events or happenings.
  • uncategorized-These poems were before the time of my categories. If you come across an uncategorized poem, I'm sorry! I'm working to get them all in place.

Anyway, my name is Patrick, and this is my blog. Perhaps you'll like what you read.

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