Friday, August 15, 2008

practice writing

here is a bit of practice writing i don't feel like editing or formatting. i'm giving it to you exactly the way it came out on paper just write. for lets say 15 minutes I will just write. the night was magic. so calm and dull but unbelievably wild. this air we breathe is blessed for you and me. the reds and purples mixed in with yellows and for a moment nothing else mattered. except for the shooting star we sat and watched. when i wished for love you looked enthralled by pinpricks of light billions of years off. in their reflection i grasper you eyes. except for the kiss we shared under that shooting star. it was short- a burst of love. it was just what i wished for and then i got more. i got a sunrise over the lake house where we first made love. i got a child with your hazel eyes. one day he'll look into a lover's eyes and see the stars in the sky. we are young but the day is new. one day i might spend a day with you. with you as a lake under the sky's beating rays. my skin sticky with sweat i suggest a swim. we don't mind the time we strip and jump. the water is cool unlike your touch. right now we're innocent listening to the birds cheerfully chirp. will our love change when we know more than just youth? will we still watch clouds under pale blue dkies? will we still lock eyes and know each others love?
heart to heart mouth to mouth eyes gaze wide into your night i move slowly determined not to scare you gasp softly determined not to fear entwined wholly under night's eyes we love fully together you and i