Monday, April 27, 2009

someone crash into me so i can feel what it's like to be you and you can feel what I'm like too oh please come crash into me and become for me a lover please

Sunday, April 26, 2009

there i go again letting my obsessions take control i don't want my computer to own me i want to stand alone

Mike Williams

is more than how you see me height is just your misconceptions defined let my passion display my character let my loyalty be clear
clamors greedily at possessions to realize no necessity when i live with nothing but contempt in my arms I'll find glory in your loving grace
make my eyes windows show my heart upon my sleeve let the world see that there's love free for anyone but me
when I learned to run I ran for the touch of wind through my hair when I learned to swim I swam for the caress of water on my skin when I learned to sing I sang for the joy of life within when I learned to dance I danced for the freedom vindicated now that I'm old I've forgotten the meaning if only I could regain that wondrous feeling