Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is the presence of spirit spirit? what spirit? my spirit No! your spirit. His Spirit. It must be true that Her spirit is the true spirit in this blessedly forsaken experiment whatever spirit is present it flows between you and me and in that transfer we enter into eternity
well what am I without tradition am I free or more tightly bound I do not need your stinkin tradition I need only find my own train of thought
on my way can't follow now I need to follow my heart's will for the win I'm looking for more need one more for this instance and maybe if I find it it'll be enough I can't know- I only hope
so tell me that I'm special and that you really care and when you leave tonight I'll solemnly swear... to live life to its fullest to live life for love to be your special someone and dance with you til the end of our days
I'm not your savior I'm not your shining star what if I'm not a doctor what if I don't succeed will I be your failure? will you disown me?
what right do their pressures have to command me my life is not your blank pages to write as you see best fit what am I? your mindless beast? to do your will unwittingly? I want to sing. I want to dance. I want to break your iron-clad chains I want to find my own will's way.
i'm lost and i only want to be found
I'm lost and I only want to be sound
I'm lost and all I need is someone to know
all I need is someone to hold
someone to speak
to love