Friday, January 16, 2009

i think it's done and then the shiver crawls down my back i can't escape my heart won't let me my mind is reeling i think i'm fading
you walked closer my arms they freeze then quickly I scramble scribble- I've gotta get the words onto paper before you see my heart races my hands tremble my nerves scattered you approach my side
I sigh, relief soft rays luminescent grace my face I'm okay
I breathe in relief the oxygen's returned the night has cleared I have control I feel whole
why so intense? these waves of pain of fright-fear! they steal my air my chest heaves tremors rack my knees and my feet dangle free I feel close to gone I fear I'm falling down
I need support I can't rely not on you well, not with him he'll tear me down he'll turn me out don't let him laugh please, don't laugh yourself

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I was steady if not treading you had to leave I started drowning falling into black come back soon bring me light hope is my only lifeline
breathe in breathe out try to steady try to calm gotta hide tell them lies I can't cry gotta fight stop these tears gather strength I cannot cry I can't let myself die

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

as if you want to be a fool what is this? let's play it cool did I just rhyme? this game is vapid hello let's not knock your brain around one of us needs to keep this together it ain't gonna be me not when you're off trying to die? serious?


the blood coursing through my veins matches only the adrenaline pumping in my heart and the energy in this place is matched only by the force of gravity between us two the crowed erupts in cheers around us but i have eyes only for you