Friday, May 9, 2008

I know

Alright I know it has been a few days since I updated the blog. I'm sorry! The last few days have been a wild ride. AP tests, late nights at school, and mood swings to the max. In that time I went from utter boredom to wondering what my purpose is to realizing that I've made zero impact on my high school. I also came to the understanding that my poetry is a one track thing consequently making it bad. So, I'm sorry if you wanted to read my thoughts, but I've been to crazy to sort them out myself let alone write about it =/. Anyways, here's a silly poem discussing the silliness of poetry.
another poem another thought another feeling creates another line. just another stanza but the poem looks familiar have I thought of this before am I looping or progressing did one stanza change another anything?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Journal Entry

This is almost an exact entry from my journal. I changed names of course. A friend told me that when he writes/creates his music that songs "just come to you while your playing." I'm inspired by this- awestruck eve. What creates in us this ability to create? To put a new combination of words into sentences, find a new combination of notes on an instrument, or create a new combination of lines and colors into a work of art. What gives us this power? Where does it come from? Who is gifted with this, and why them? I don't have the answers to my own questions, but I will say this. No matter what it is that creates this magic the gift instilled on some should be used. Some spirit must flow through us. Let it pass on through. Hey! Share some with the rest of us =)


Do you ever find yourself bored in class? Well, I find myself in that situation every day of school. I mean come on! I recognize the value of having a basic understanding of why and how the world around me works, but if I ever end up needing to know the formula for calculating and angle of refraction in my actual work just shoot me. Please, don't let my life be ruled by chemistry laws and random historic dates! So, when I get bored in class my usual methods of coping(I say coping because it is like consoling oneself) are to doodle on my notebooks and to look outside. Nature always seems to placate me. While, today in class I found myself writing a poem to deal with the useless information. I may never hear of Saint- wait which saint was it?- again in my life. However, the poem I wrote will stick with me forever. Even if it is a pretty crappy one.
I've heard it said that love blazes with the intensity of a thousand suns, but not so is my love for you look to the sky and you'll clearly see our lives depend on gravity so too is my love for you a black hole it reaches out everywhere desiring all that is all of you i pull into me until we are one in unity
Okay yeah. I don't know why I even bothered posting that one. ewww like the sig?

Monday, May 5, 2008

7 days

What to blog about today? 7 days since my first post, eight including the first, and I'm already wondering if I should keep blogging. Does anyone actually want to read what I have to think? Really, I've seen one or two visitors on the site. Which reminds me- I need to figure out how to put one of those tracker things on the bottom. You know, the ones that total how many unique hits you get in a day or whatever. Also, I'm not a never ending stream of poetry. I run outa ideas too! So, the question is what to do. Anyways, here's a poem for you.
Bleeding blood gushing from veins within flowing on my life without my heart cannot stop the flow my love just so loves the world

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Here is a poem Anusia wrote to me about prom. I thought it was hilarious and had to be uploaded for all the world to see.
Untitled Ends come to coveted times, Our hearts are sorrowed as time flies by Lets allow ourselves one last hurrah For which to celebrate treasured memories. As each compass points down different paths We realize this is goodbye. But the coveted times, they don't end. The Times before us fill our hearts with joy And within this final hurrah Are memories to be made with friends Our paths may be diverged and scattered But that does not mean this is goodbye. Ahh screw it.
Isn't she fun?


So I promised I'd be back to not only write up about prom, but to also post a new poem. Well, I don't know what to write! How exactly does one capture the devastating finality of an event like prom while still maintaining the joy that it creates. Prom was awesome. I danced and laughed, and I did it all with a great group of friends. Still, I can't help but be reminded of the short period of time we have left. At first, prom didn't exactly feel like prom. I sat there wondering what was so special. What exactly was it supposed to feel like. It actually felt more like a bunch of friends going out to dinner than the last dance of high school. However, by the time Anusia and I hit the dance floor I couldn't help but smile. Here we were at a beautiful hotel all fancily dressed up dancing to songs like Damaged by Danity Kane. Maybe it was at that moment that I relaxed or maybe it was my desire for something great, but by the end of the night I think I knew what made prom such a special time. It was the fact that we're just kids. It was the fact that we could make fun of the ridiculous food with the knowledge that pizza awaited us at home. It was being able to dance our hearts out while making fun of all our friends that can't dance at all. It was understanding that when we're fifty prom will still be that great time we spent with some of the greatest people in our lives. It was knowing that during our senior circle I understood myself better than I ever had and I loved it. Anyways, that was my prom. Tell me about yours =D