Thursday, August 5, 2010

reasons i'm nervous

1) because I like you

can't you see it?

every action

is a flirtation

every hug

i want a kiss

2) because my life changed

isn't it obvious?

i'm losing friends

for a job

i'm not sure i'm okay

with the choice

3) being honest

it's a scary thing

i want it badly

but who's to say

it'll all be okay?

4) because life is scary

didn't you know?

things aren't easy

at least not for me.

Sometimes that's okay,

but sometimes I wanna cry.

it's scary, feeling alive

the trains pass every 15 minutes.
it's the hardest place to speak,
but instead of being silent
we learn to tell our lies.

It's easier this way,
holding up our fake image.
Except, my arms are weary,
my spirit, my soul, tired.

I want a life lived honest.
I want a love held tight.
I want a mind of self-confidence.
I want to be alright.

I want to feel like I'm soaring;
I want to be chain-free.
I want to know where the ground is
for when my wings can't carry me.

I want to want things without being scared
that someone will know I learned to want.

I did,
and the truth of the matter is:
what I really want is to want,
and right now all I want is you.