Saturday, June 7, 2008


dance free kick high let all your worries go by let loose don't cry you're gonna live your life smile wide dream big you've got something unique to give

Friday, June 6, 2008

Blog Features

Hey everyone. I know, once again I have failed to update regularly. It is summer though. Maybe you could give me a break? Anyways, I'm writing this post to point out some of the features on my blog. First, underneath the title you might notice a new addition. That's my new e-mail. You can send any comments or suggestions you have there. That is if you don't feel comfortable commenting on the actual post itself. Also, underneath that you may have noticed that the text just above the Phoenix signature changes quite often. I use that to kinda describe the blog and kinda say whatever I'm feeling in a short statement. This time it is Still Frames Of Life. Basically, it means that just about everything I write is a picture of my mind at the time. Either I'm engrossed in something and that comes out in my writing, or I'm reflecting on something and that shows up. Moving on! To the right we have the basic archive feature. All the old posts are accessible from there. Below that is the new Blog List. This will show you recent updates from Br. Tom's blog Plainer and Meg's blog Two Cents. If you have another great blog you would want me to add there just tell me. Below that is the chat feature. If you happen to stumble along someone else while on the page strike up a conversation. You don't have to talk about my blog =D. After that comes a handy dandy calendar. Then some cool pages that I found on the web. Click on those and check um out. Finally, I have Br. Tom's podcast. Oh and don't forget you can email a post to someone- if you so feel inclined- by clicking on the little mail icon on the bottom of each post. I'll be back to update soon. Peace,
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Monday, June 2, 2008

you mean to tell me that you care

you mean to tell me that you care? after all of this year through all the time I spent alone you could have been there? why didn't I see? why didn't I know? why couldn't I feel that you loved me? why didn't you tell me?


This poem and the next deal with the same concept.
blind my eyes must be white as milky as this ink in all the time I spent with you I swear, I didn't have a clue that in those days and through those nights in every time our eyes locked sight you loved me as much as I loved you