Sunday, September 7, 2008

woah woh oh if that's how it's spelled the sound of joy before the mix of trippy beats what happened- it's cool. relax. this jack spread its groove across you to omaha we reached out to the floor wild in youth we dance in nude not of clothes but pretenses that's how I met you
vision a needle poking your eye sight comes from- heart aches

fever dreams

this one can't be formatted the way i have it in my notebook, but whatever
fever dreams only haunt while the fever holds my dream to be complete but this fever never breaks the energy always remains

socially antisocial

socially antisocial leads to this- feeling like what is there is never enough, that hope will always bring regret. the cute guy never finds his Satine- like the consumption took my love before I had a chance to say hi
that's why i'm upset not that there isn't anyone around not that the music isn't my style not that the fort isn't a fort not that the dance isn't but that that they snuck off for fun fun of the darker color you hold it in a cup you end up with a cop
it was just their ploy a facade to more devious needs you never heard of dew pong? me either- who woulda figured? if they really needed to ninja then why didn't they just say it?
i'm disappointed by their need to be forgotten forget themselves forget each other hey why not forget forever? because my poison is my own choice my need to be pushed to a stupor is required if i didn't what is it i'd be? the id is inside me the ego is about me if i move furtively then i can find sleep
the song i wrote was for you the martyr in our suicide the angels praise your name the moonlight strikes your hair lets go out tonight let our hearts freeze and burn
i don't know why i sit alone in a busy room i could be happy i could be fun instead i'm glum with the weight of days to come days when tentative friendships are betrayed I'll guard myself from those days no i can't run away but i can remain a pessimist

it isn't that i don't miss you

it isn't that I don't miss you I do it's true i miss your smile and that ferocious glare the way you go wild and hold it all in your directed lack of direction towards nothing we climb to everything i need that too not just you so why don't i communicate i don't want to miss my chance to find it here too
californian music mixed with good ole fashioned farm values and a need to be accepted a suspected homosexual mixed together with the man that just got play and don't forget the socially awkward hoping college means a new chance at friendship where do you stand in the mix of misfits how do you collide without the danger of collision

i'm not better than these games

i'm not better than these games i have been found guilty i have no kiss to offer no greater self to share than what i give now this is my inner self fully here to read listen as i speak don't judge you're here

it's that reserved nature

it's that reserved nature- controlled and calibrating is it that he knows he doesn't need anyone? he traveled across the land for a purpose his purpose lies unknown, but he feels it pulling at him keeping him from wild loose lost in adolescence ready to scream party exert himself physically musically he combines himself into what one would say a man sure he has a place and right

this situation

I haven't had time to assess this situation. my head swirls with thoughts of people and places while I am caught up in a tempest of fresh faces...and unknown facets of life- guys constantly looking for lust boys finding drunken ramblings better for them to forget that they can be caught MIP: my insecure person cannot bear to bare itself to anyone else

you're not a poet if you can't say it

you're not a poet if you can't say it "say it?" "yeah" "what" "poet" do it do it with words bristling the tip of ya tongue with hearts blazing from thoughts yet formed do it for yourself to let the world see you do it for the world to let the people hear you "see you" "hear you" listen