Wednesday, August 18, 2010

there's a weeping willow in the backyard

Mitchell and Rocco have a game.
It's a we can do it, catch us game.
I don't catch on.
Slower and unsure,
I waddle my way through life.

I'm always acting.

Gotta make sure they know
I'm strong.
Gotta make sure
I'm better than them.

Mom and Dad insist I win.
Do good in school,
you'll make it far.
They don't know...
it should be well.

They don't care though-
it only matters that I understand.

Gotta shine,
gotta win.
Gotta make sure they know
I'm better than them.

Lauren's acting out on a whim.
Shes fire; she's hot.
She's Puerto Rican flame.
She burns; she fights.
She's not alright.

I'll show her who's right.
I smolder, don't burn.
Passion needs a steady heat.
I'm right, so right.
Surely, I'm better than her.

I'm wrong, so wrong.
I should have never run away.
I'm fleeing; I'm seeking.
I'm finding out what's right.

I'm stress relieving play-doh,
and pacing halls.
I'm crazy, mental illness.
I'm everything wrong.

I'm me.
I'm persistent.
I'm moving on.
I know that at some point
I'll be alright.