Sunday, March 1, 2009

crying in church and panic attacks lost ipods and broken souls i think i must be going mad frenzied searches and heaving sobs pop music and bitter numbs this is me i'm yours
logan heart is indifferent to the feelings and emotions of others not in the sense that he doesn't care just that he doesn't care for at the moment your pain only increases my apathy yes apathy i can use the word if i so please i don't govern based on your lease why is it that we don't speak yes you who spends his time gabbing away do you not notice me or do you simply not care for my existence ahh i see you simply don't care for my appearance sorry if i didn't come across as nice i simply don't give a shit i rent emotions but i don't pay
i don't care to write about love when love only brings painful thoughts of your mystery do you care do you really? why'd you bug me did you really? thoughts of pain and jokes about hate what is it to you what I do if i turn right is it wrong to pirouette on left?