Wednesday, October 1, 2008

pride? like how proud you said you were of me? fighting stunned closed falling running I wish you could see me now I'll show you someone with real pride to have to hold be forever mine not once did I betray the vow the pride with which you sold your soul to that work I can't believe you'll be there tonight I never once took another into my lie
that would be nice- to have thoughts spray like water droplets onto the page as if a sprinkler glazed the lines with blotches of black ink you think? have I yet lost myself to the light or reflective displays on windows and white panes? an hour of my life I have spent today doing nothing but staring at this page
"Steve, I don't know what to say." "I dunno man. What is it that you are thinking bout?" I'm thinking about nothing... and in turn everything. Like, I can't say actually. Maybe I don't know anything.
No quiero amigos ¿I don't want friends? is that what you meant? that you didn't mean a word or that you'd rather be alone I've spent those days before in times when I am you, and you are blue with swirling thoughts and life unclaimed tearing holes inside of you pretentious sects only pretend in times when goals to help obtain what I said is not quite true quiero tener amigos, but just not you
sometimes you are just in the mood to empathize as if everything in the world is speaking to you like the still bird on the sidewalk of our ironclad words the earth is softly breathing in our hearts soul has been known throughout our lands if our eyes are just white elephants in thought what is it in heart we are to ignite?