Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear Journal

If I meet you suddenly, I can't speak.

The sky is a lilac blanket.
Swathed in the mania of the day’s passing,
My foot flutters like the wings
Of a flustered hummingbird.

I do not notice his entering.
You’re fidgety interrupts
My thoughts. His gravelly voice

Compels my heart to beat
So intensely that I’m unsure
I remember how to breathe.

Has he seen?
Does he know what it is I’ve written?

I leave you this as my last post for a week. I'll be without phone/internet for the next week. I hope you like it. It is going to be the piece I submit for Shadows. <3 PM [they didn't like it. try again next semester?]


It’s raining.
The drops darken red bricks
As they pool at my feet.
I sit outside my dorm.
And I watch

Drops hit me.
Feet pitter-patter past.
And rain splashes free,
reminding my ruined reflection
that I’m only pitter-patter,
empty chatter.