Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I can see soul

We are ordinary people
We are strong
We are brave
We are lovers
We have hate
We are freed
We are tied
We are finders
We are found
We can see
We can sing
We can smile
We can cry

And I know
in my heart
that the truth is
we all die.

But before
we all go
we are people
and we grow.

untitled 8-6-10

Stick your head out the window
take a picture of the sky.
Feel the wind in your hair;
let your feelings fly.

Feel the sun, summer on your skin.
Smile, basking with closed eyelids,
road trip with Kim at the wheel.
Lucky, luckier if she knew how you feel.

Text from Daniel makes you laugh,
knowing he knows the feelings you have.
Call from Laura brings good news.
You wonder how it feels to be in her shoes.

Hot car- too many layers.
You're getting tired.
Dashboard plays and you sleep.
It's time to start anew this week.