Thursday, September 16, 2010


I belong to brown skin
and Spanish accents.

I belong to rainbow flags
and matching outfits.

I belong to pointed feet
and pained arches.

I belong to dramatic exits
and center stages.

I belong to loving smiles
and pain filled hearts.

I belong to study groups
and the middle class non-identity.

I belong to faith
and to the currently faithless.

I belong to love
and every single.

I belong to crazy
and drug filling routines.

I belong to drinking
and liking to party.

I belong to me,
meaning I do not belong to you,

and therefore, we, all of us, are unique.

Three Students in a Room

The quiet scratching of their pens
covered by the cool Icelandic
music washing mellifluously over their tired brains.

They lean steadily over futures,
working readily into responsibility.
Their hopes augmented by caffeine.

Three students in a room
strain tired eyes by lamp light,
regressing uncomfortably from playing.

I'm cracking. I'm numb.

A September angel
whispered "espero,"
breathing eternity

I'm cracking.
I'm numb.

Her bare body
is smoldering sex
with the pull of her fingers
across her belly.

I'm cracking.
I'm numb.

Her invisible brother
could be insatiable
but is hiding underneath
a shell of a shawl.

I'm cracking.
I'm numb.