Sunday, July 20, 2008

I want to show you that I'm sad. Because I looked into her hazel eyes as she cried; it was her saying goodbye. Goodbye after a day where all we did was play. Goodbye to the week of dinner and movies. Goodbye to the month of slow walks down long shores. Goodbye to a year of love in every form. She looked into my eyes and cried. I longed to hold her but she said "Good-bye."
One plus one equals me and you in the nude. Or is it a cow flying over the moon? I get confused when you refuse the sounds of a piano or this great muse. If lime is green and you are seen- does that make me feel? Your hair is eighty-two. Not in physical appearance, but because your soul resembles a raisin. Adios! the rain died.
water droplets on my window leave streaks that tear right through my soul I sit here and softly smile as I realize the world is whole
I am a water droplet in mid flight I am a thunderstorm in the middle of the night I am the cool feel of water on skin Can't you feel me from deep within? I am your thunder and lightning I am your heart exploding I am ending soon; once again I become the moon.
the water pours onto rocks as if pounding thoughts into our hearts and as I stood there you walked up to watch it's trying to tell me, the fall at my feet, I can't hear its plea the simple song of serenity
without you i cannot begin to fathom what will i become i'm afraid because i'm leaving comfort can i turn this hurt to joy when I leave you on this day